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From the first time behind the wheel, to test day – we’ll guide you to success.

It takes the average driver 40 hours to reach test standard, however we strive to tailor your course to fit your personal needs.

This is what you should expect from your lessons.

Cockpit drill – set yourself up in the car. Familiarise yourself with all controls. Move off and stop safely using clutch control.

1-2 Hours

Cockpit drill – to setup yourself up in the car. Controls, moving off and stopping, clutch control. You should familiar with the gears steering. 

3-6 Hours

T junctions, approaching an emerging left turns.

T junctions, approaching an emerging right turns.

7-8 Hours

Pedestrian crossing and use of arm signals.

9-13 Hours

Cross roads.

14-18 Hours


19-21 Hours

Meeting, adequate clearance and anticipation.

22-23 Hours

Turn in road.

24-26 Hours

Reverse to the left around variety of corners.

27-29 Hours

Parallel parking.

30-32 Hours

Bay parking.

33-34 Hours

Controlled stop (emergency stop).

35-37 Hours

Dual carriage ways.

38-40 Hours

Its vital to learn to drive without instruction using – road markings and signs.

T-junctions, approaching and emerging from left and right turns.

Mock test and correcting any outstanding mistakes.

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Course and Price List

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Refresher 1 hour Lesson



12-Hour Intensive Course

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40-Hour Driving Lessons

(Manual) PRO 


3-Hour Motorway Lesson



Practical Driving Test



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